Vintage furniture rental with a mission

In brief: Meyer-San services vintage furniture rental. That’s it, that’s how we make money to make our vision a reality.

We rent sustainable furniture that stems from circular sources. The interior pieces we source would normally be thrown away or is in such condition that its initial purpose for which it was being used is not applicable anymore. We conserve, restore and modernize interior and while doing this we provide affordable interior solutions for anyone in need. Our interior not only looks good, but also does good.

We love circles. Circles of any kind. Please find below how our vision on a sustainability is basically based on going in circles.

Circularity of assets

Circular Produce

We believe that producing additional goods, or in our case furniture, is unnecessary. There are many high quality interior items that we don’t use anymore due to various reasons. Mostly because we can buy low quality items for barely any money at furniture discounters and it takes too much effort for us as consumers to see the beauty of it. To restore furniture such as our grandparents would have done.

Furniture used to be an item that would last for decades. High quality interior pieces that you would use for the next 10 years and needed an investment from your side. Nowadays we buy something new for our home that will defective within a few years. Throw away and buy new.

We don’t use tables made of cardboard or plastic. We use quality timeless interior pieces for our vintage furniture rental so not only the previous owners enjoyed them. And not only our current clients. But also generations to come. Furniture that lasts for years and years.

Vintage Furniture Rental

Circular labour & knowledge

We believe in circularity in all aspects of our assets. Both tangible assets such as out interior and intangible assets such as labour and know-how.

We try to work as much as we can with elderly professionals with a distance to the Dutch labour market. Craftsmen with years of experiences, knowledge and skills who cannot find a job due to their age. We find this, nicely said, regretful. For the reason that most commercial organisations have a preference for a younger workforce. Although the incentive is there to hire a younger workforce we find it important to provide such professionals a platform to reinstate them in the Dutch labour market. We conserve their experience when possible. By matching our elderly professionals with interns we make sure their skills and knowledge is passed through to a new generation.

Driving in circles

Furthermore we try counter our society’s fuel reduction. By picking up interior we make sure that their owners won’t have to bring them all individually to a landfill or a new location.

Because we make one single efficient ride and pass by all locations at once, all current furniture owners don’t need to make all individual rides to the landfill. This safes a lot of fuel.

Furthermore, we bring all the furniture to all our clients. This means they do not have to travel all individually to an interior store to purchase or rent furniture.

Less emissions and fuel consumption for both ways.