Meyersan: Reclaiming great interior

We highly believe that most of the mass-produced items we buy in our consumer based economy don’t effect our environment in a positive way. To say the least. We also believe that all these generic items, in our case furniture, are ugly and lack originality. We think that everyone deserves a personal and unique interior.

To counter depletion of resources and to minimize the ecological footprint of our society we mainly use furniture that stems from circular sources. Quality furniture that other people don’t want anymore. We take these items and refurbish them. We give them a new life and making them look awesome; in line with contemporary needs.

Our unique mix of craftsmanship, love and design makes kicked-off furniture new again. We make our staff and interior shine and give them the new life they so much deserve.

What’s more

Meyersan focusses on reinstating produce by means of technical circulation of, in our case, furniture and interior pieces. And by giving back value to items that have lost their economic value during their life cycle, we believe in significantly reducing the negative effects of a consumer based economy. Yet still by far the largest part of our current economy is still focussed on unnecessary depletion of natural resources due to a society that focusses on throwing away and buying new.

By reinstating our furniture’s economic value, hence prolonging its life cycle, there is one more factor that is important to consider to be a truly circular organisation: labour. Lots of labour cannot finish its life cycle as it should. By upcycling our furniture and interior pieces, we need labour to do so.

We put a lot of effort in extending our furniture’s lifecycle and we believe this also goes for our employees. Redundancy of the elderly by commercial organisations is no exception. On the contrary, elderly get laid off each day and once unemployed they have hardly any economic value for most organisations. There is no more place for them in the labour market.

Furniture that requires restoration provided by a massive experienced labour force that needs a job. Meyersan aims to provide a new life to both. The furniture and interior pieces that we lease are all restored beautifully and made ready for contemporary needs. We employ professionals who have difficulty finding their place on the Dutch labour market or society. Think of elderly carpenters or highly skilled immigrants.

We are a platform for those who want to do something great. Just by loving and refurbishing awesome furniture we can make our society a little more social and a little less boring. By restoring quality furniture our staff restore a balance in our environment.

Meyersan participates with the Dutch circulair resource agreement to limited the additional produces of consumer items.