Lease Furniture for Businesses & Commercial Intent

Full interior services for commercial intent

Interior solutions for organisations & commercial intent

Meyer-San provides furniture lease and interior solutions to businesses, whether it’s for commercial intent or you lease furniture for your office. At the bottom of this page you’ll find what we can do for you.

We use as much of our furniture and interior pieces that stem from sustainable sources. We highly believe in the usage of circularity in our services and with this we can deliver genuinely responsible interior solutions. Interior that not only looks good, but is doing good.

Besides corporate social responsibilities there should always be some commercial sustainability. Otherwise, a commercial business will never sustain. And we can deliver such commercial sustainability. Being responsible to our surroundings doesn’t have to be expensive. On the contrary when you lease furniture. Due to our usage of sustainable resources in our interior pieces we can deliver more affordable, flexible and tailored services than any other.

Lease furniture for businesses

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Add our interior solutions to your services

We are happy provide our services to extend your business or to help house your staff. Meyersan provides in most cases a risk-free (“lease us when you need us”) solution tailored to your organisation’s needs. Whether you are a real estate agent in need of a full interior or a university that accommodates their foreign academics, we got it covered. We can stage homes, provide temporary interior for property rental or accommodate your workforce in non-furnished houses.

Our services are all included delivery & decorating any object. And after the lease period we break down and pick up everything.

And because we mostly use sustainable interior pieces for our furniture rental we can offer rates that are warmhearted to any budget. So our beautifully restored quality furniture not only has a positive impact on our surroundings, it also has a positive impact on your budget.

Lease furniture for your office

Meyersan provides ideal, original and affordable interior solutions to any business that is need of furniture. Whether you are a start-up or a mature organisation, blue or white collard. We provide flexible interior solutions within a few days that makes you not want to leave work.

We do not provide generic or standard office interior solutions. When you lease furniture with us you will always get a unique interior. We mostly work with restored vintage furniture that comes from sustainable sources. For this reason we cannot provide any typical non-inspiring office interior.

It’s clear we believe in sustainability. However flexibility and ease is our second best priority. When you need additional or less interior due to change in your staff for example. Or, for instance, prolong or shorten the lease period. In all fairness, of course, in most cases there is no problem whatsoever in changing the lease.

Fair & Flexible Furniture Rental
  • Servicing your organisation

    Standard & tailored furniture lease

  • Flexible lease

    For any period of time

  • Extent or upgrade

    Extend or upgrade our furniture at any time

  • Ad-hoc interior solutions

    We can deliver within days

  • Leasing made easy

    All including flexible lease terms

Turn Key and other services
  • Competitive Interior Rental

    Due to sustainable sourcing

  • Upcycled & Restoration

    Quality furniture and decoration professionally restored and modernized for contemporary needs

  • We take care, of everything

    We provide everything. From single pieces to complete interiors

  • Other accommodation services

    We also provide additional services such as housing, Internet or cleaning.

In line with your company’s values
  • Customer Social Responsibility

    CSR is our business, make it your business too

  • Ecological Friendly

    Because we conserve furniture we minimize the ecological burden of producing new furniture.

  • Socially Embedded

    We provide a working environment for elderly with distance to the labor market.

  • No waste, no loss

    Not only do we conserve quality furniture, we conserve craftsmanship with our interns