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Full interior services for private usage and home owners

Interior solutions for anyone in need of fair furniture

Meyersan provides furniture rental and interior solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium to homeowners, expats, (foreign) students and any other person who is in need of fair furniture services.

We use as much furniture and interior pieces that stem from sustainable sources. We highly believe in the usage of circularity in our services and with this we can deliver genuine responsible furniture products. Interior that not only looks good, but is doing good.

Yes, we believe in making our world a better home for all. However, this all starts with making your home a better place to live. Whether you looking for a fully-furnished apartment as an expat or for tailored interior to accommodate short-stay and Airbnb.

Being responsible to our surroundings doesn’t have to be expensive. On the contrary. Due to the usage of sustainable resources in our interior pieces we can deliver more affordable, flexible and tailored services than any other.

Furniture rental for private
Furniture Rental Netherlands

Interior that complements you

We provide furniture rental to anyone in the Netherlands and Belgium who is in need of an interior. In nearly all cases renting an unfurnished house or apartment in combination with our furniture rental will provide you with savings. A fully furnished accommodation can sometimes be twice as expensive as an unfurnished apartment: our rates will never exceed that.

Our services are aimed to make your life more affordable, easy and flexible. You don’t need to make a large investment of purchasing, moving and storing your own furniture. We deliver, install and decorate your new home with quality vintage furniture that will make you feel right at home. And, of course, with your departure we break it all down and pick it up. Just bring your personal belongings and your clothes and we’ll take care of the rest.

We can deliver our furniture rental within a few days anywhere in the Netherlands and Vlaanderen, for short or long periods of time and you can always make changes in your interior when you are not satisfied. We believe in flexibility and this translates mostly into our approach of our leasing terms. Whether you want to prolong or shorten your lease, upgrade or downgrade. In all fairness, in most cases you can make changes with no additional fee.

Our Furniture Rental
  • Servicing your needs

    Standard & tailored furniture rental

  • Flexible lease

    Rent for a days, weeks, months or years

  • Extent or upgrade

    Extend or upgrade our furniture at any time

  • Free delivery

    We like to decorate so delivery is free of charge

Turn Key Solutions
  • Unique Vintage Interior

    No generic or uninspiring interiors

  • We take care

    We provide what you need. From single pieces to complete interiors

  • Accommodation services

    Cleaning, Internet, etc. We help out!

A better home
  • Ecological Friendly

    Because we conserve furniture we minimize the ecological burden of producing new furniture.

  • Socially Embedded

    We provide a working environment for elderly with distance to the labor market.

  • No waste, no loss

    Not only do we conserve quality furniture, we conserve craftsmanship with our interns

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