Furniture Rental & Interior Services

Fully Furnished Interior with a Mission

Fair & Flexible Furniture Rental
  • Servicing your needs

    Standard & tailored interior solutions

  • Flexible Rental Contract

    Rent for a days, weeks, months or years

  • Extend or upgrade

    Extend or upgrade your furniture at any time

  • In a hurry?

    Your interior is available within days after request

  • Delivered and decorated

    We like to decorate so delivery is free of charge

Turn Key and other services
  • Unique Vintage Interior

    No generic or mass produced interior

  • Upcycled & Restoration

    Quality furniture and decoration professionally restored and modernized for contemporary needs

  • We take care, of everything

    We provide everything you need to feel at home. Just bring your personal items and clothes.

  • Other accommodation services

    We can also arrange Internet, cleaning, daycare and transportation services

Making our world a better home
  • Eco-friendly

    Because we conserve furniture we minimize the ecological burden of producing new furniture.

  • Socially Embedded

    We provide a working environment for elderly with distance to the labor market.

  • No waste, no loss

    Not only do we conserve quality furniture for the next generation. We also do conserve knowledge, craftsmanship and experience by pairing our elderly professionals with interns.

We provide tailored furniture rental to expats and working professionals. Our services are aimed to make your life as a professional more affordable, easy and comfortable.

  • Affordable & turn-key interior
  • Tailored to your needs as a working professional
  • No investment & delivery within days

Starting from €250,- per month

We know how it’s like to be a student and what it takes to hit the books and pass courses. And concerning rent, it all comes down to affordable rental prices.

  • Affordable and for any period of time
  • Standard & elaborate interior rental
  • Tailored to your needs as a student

Starting from €150,- per month for a room

Our services aim to make your life as an academic more affordable, easy and comfortable. We deliver, install and decorate your place with quality vintage furniture.

  • Tailored to your needs as an academic
  • Short- and long term rental
  • Affordable and circular interior

Starting from €250,- per month

We work closely with real estate agents to complement their services, decrease the time rate a property is on the market and increase the value of a property.

  • Affordable, flexible & professional
  • Lease starts when the property is let
  • In line with your companies CSR

Starting from €250,- per month

Whether you’d like to sell your property or rent out: we can complement your property in many ways. Increase your monthly rent with our services.

  • No investments from you side
  • Our lease starts when you’ve let your property
  • Home staging and other services

Starting from €250,- per month

Housing migration workers can be quite a task, due to the volatility of contracts, the background and most important the budgets. We can decrease your housing costs significantly.

  • Flexible lease terms
  • Tailored to working proffesionals
  • Standard & elaborate packages

Starting from €250,- per month

Investing in furniture or an interior can be costly, time consuming and damaged interior is always a risk. We understand you just want to let your property.

  • Experienced with Airbnb
  • Tailored to comfortable short-say
  • Noise reducing interior

Starting from €250,- per month

Our interior rental services for employee relocation are designed to make the task of mobilizing a workforce easier and more cost effective.

  • Less complex turn-key solutions
  • Cost effective
  • In line with your organisation’s values and code of ethics

Starting from €250,- per month

Meyersan services affordable furniture rental for temporary housing of any kind. You can lease for any desired period, type of household or what furniture you exactly need.

  • Standard & elaborate packages
  • For singles & families
  • Short & long term rental

Starting from €250,- per month