Furniture Rental for the Public Sector, NGO’s and Charities

Government & Semi-Government

Cooperation with public domain & NGOs

We find it important to work closely with our (local) government, public sector and NGOs. To complement and help each other on reaching our objects.

Not just by providing our furniture solutions. But also by complementing each other in many ways, align our objectives and work together on a sustainable future. To start a dialog. When you would like to get in touch with Meyersan for help, information or to start such a dialog then please contact us.

And because we mainly rent upcycled furniture solutions to our clients we almost always have a solution that fits any situation, wish and budget. Whether you are an institution in need to fair furniture for employee relocation or a semi-government agency that is in need of interiors solutions for public housing. We want to be part of the solution, and when it comes to interior we have a solution.

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Upcycled Furniture Rental for Public Sector

For NGO’s, public domain and (semi-/local) governments its just has hard to relocate employees as it is for commercial organization.  We understand the struggle of finding a good home, that’s fully furnished, and that fits your budget. It’s hard to satisfy all of these three requirements.

In nearly all cases we can provide you with savings by renting an unfurnished accommodation in combination with our upcycled furniture rental. We focus on interior pieces from sustainable sources.

We believe in circularity by extending life cycles and for this reason mostly use restored vintage furniture. The quality, safety, comfort and contemporary restoration of our interior pieces is all guaranteed due to our experienced workforce, primarily consisting of elderly craftsmen and women. Craftsmen who have difficulty being reinstated in the Dutch labor market.

Due to this regenerative model we provide our clients with affordable leasing rates you won’t find anywhere else. A fully furnished apartment can sometimes be twice as expensive as an unfurnished apartment: our rates will never exceed that.

Upcycled Furniture Rental for Charity

We want to provide upcycled furniture rental for those who need it the most. For people who have close to nothing and just want to start make a living. If we can, we want to provide furniture rental and interior solutions for this fragile group with no intent for profit.

Please contact us if you think that we can help your organisation, government agency, NGO or charity . We cannot always promise our support, but by getting in touch we are one step closer to a better world.

Fair & Flexible Furniture Rental
  • Servicing your organisation

    Standard & tailored furniture lease

  • Flexible lease

    For any period of time

  • Extent or upgrade

    Extend or upgrade our furniture at any time

  • Ad-hoc interior solutions

    We can deliver within days

  • Leasing made easy

    All including flexible lease terms

Turn Key and other services
  • Competitive Interior Rental

    Due to sustainable sourcing

  • Upcycled & Restoration

    Quality furniture and decoration professionally restored and modernized for contemporary needs

  • We take care, of everything

    We provide everything. From single pieces to complete interiors

  • Other accommodation services

    We also provide additional services such as housing, Internet or cleaning.

Our company’s values
  • Ecological Friendly

    We minimize our ecological burden by conserving furniture and counteract producing new.

  • Socially Embedded

    We provide a working environment for elderly with distance to the labor market.

  • No waste, no loss

    Not only do we conserve quality furniture, we conserve craftsmanship with our interns