Vintage Furniture Rental & Accommodation Services

Fully Furnished Interior with a Mission

Fair & Flexible Furniture Rental
  • Servicing your needs

    Standard & tailored interior solutions

  • Flexible Rental Contract

    Rent for a days, weeks, months or years

  • Extent or upgrade

    Extend or upgrade your furniture at any time

  • In a hurry?

    Your interior is available within days after request

  • Delivered and decorated

    We like to decorate so delivery is free of charge

Turn Key and other services
  • Unique Vintage Interior

    No generic or mass produced interior

  • Upcycled & Restoration

    Quality furniture and decoration professionally restored and modernized for contemporary needs

  • We take care, of everything

    We provide everything you need to feel at home. Just bring your personal items and clothes.

  • Other accommodation services

    We also provide additional services such as Internet, cleaning, daycare and transportantion

Making our world a better home
  • Ecological Friendly

    Because we conserve furniture we minimize the ecological burden of producing new furniture.

  • Socially Embedded

    We provide a working environment for elderly with distance to the labor market.

  • No waste, no loss

    Not only do conserve quality furniture for the next generation. We also do conserve knowledge, craftsmanship and experience by pairing our elderly professionals with interns.